Welcome to the New Harmony Website

The awe inspiring peaks of Pine Mountain, Bumblebee Range and Kolob Canyon surrounding New Harmony Town make it a peaceful, protected area to live and raise a family. With a population of just over 200 residents, (not including the livestock) the town is close enough to Cedar City and St. George for convenience and work but far enough away to allow for great country living. Deer and other wildlife meander through the streets in the evening unafraid of the residents. At an elevation of over 5000 feet the climate year-round avails itself to display all four seasons. Some of the residents are snowbirds. They live in town during the summer because of the cool summer evenings and take off for warmer locations in the winter.

The New Harmony area was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1852. Initially developed as farm land and orchards, it now is a small but thriving community of locals and commuters. Everyone knows everyone and the local post office is the general meeting place to visit. The nearest store is the gas station at the freeway exit 5 miles east of town, which is just fine with the townsfolk. There is truly a sense of community among the residents. If you run out of something, you borrow from your neighbor.